Yassir Ahmed

National Advisor for Sudan


Yassir Ahmed has a B.Sc. in Economics, MBA in Projects Management & Quality Management, and a

Master’s degree in Translation, with 18 years of experience in Business Consultancy, Construction,

Agricultural, Mining, Petroleum, and Translation Sectors. He is also a chartered ICRA Quality Auditor

and a certified Quality Management Assessor (EFQM- Brussels).

He worked in Sudan as an Economist with German Aviation Consultancy Dorsch Consult, in the

Khartoum New international Airport Project (2004 -2011), and as a Business Development Manager

and Strategic Planning professional in Agricultural, Chemical, Mining, and Petroleum Sectors, with

GIAD conglomerate in Sudan (2012 -2014). He lived and worked in Germany, Qatar, and different

parts of Sudan.

Professional background

  • Before joining ITPO Germany, he worked in Qatar (2014 – 2021), in Tourism Management, Business

    Consultancy, Sport Security Management, and Quality Management sectors.

    He speaks German, English, and Arabic