Private Sector Missions

Through UNIDO ITPO Germany’s Private Sector Missions, German and European companies have the opportunity to be part of a dedicated delegation to emerging markets. These delegations can be sector-specific as well as cross-sectoral, depending on the local context and needs. Before organizing a Private Sector Mission, UNIDO ITPO Germany carefully selects the locations and business partners which are to be met during the mission. Further, in line with the local demand, ITPO Germany chooses the participating companies from Germany / Europe to perfectly align demand and supply sides and maximize the efficiency of B2B matchmaking. Private Sector Missions can either target a specific region in a country or even several countries within a broader region, depending on the feasibility.

During Private Sector Missions, participants have the opportunity to meet with private sector stakeholders, financiers, government representatives, NGOs and several more. Besides of dedicated matchmaking events, members of the delegation visit project sites and conduct company visits.

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