The mission of UNIDO ITPO Germany.

The Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Germany is a competent and recognized agency within the UN system and German and European development cooperation. The international team is a reliable partner for the private sector.

Foreign investment strengthens sustainable industrial development. At the same time, it increases productivity and competitiveness by attracting capital and disseminating innovative technology and know-how. This is precisely where the mandate of ITPO Germany comes in. It covers investment promotion and the transfer of sustainable technology from Germany to developing and emerging countries with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

ITPO Germany builds bridges between the private sector and development cooperation - using the UN network.

Our focus.

UNIDO ITPO Germany focuses on small and medium-sized companies. UNIDO ITPO Germany is a trustworthy and efficient broker for the exchange of knowledge and information, especially when it comes to establishing and expanding industry in developing countries. The German ITPO office cooperates closely with the UNIDO headquarter in Vienna and benefits in a unique way from its network and expertise.